Pin Your Child’s Ears Before the Fall

Children at school can be relentless. If they see a weakness, a flaw, they can pounce on it like a puma on a jungle rat. Ears that are overly large or that project away from the head are both prime targets for teasing.

Unfortunately, this isn’t only socially difficult, but it can impact a child’s performance in school. More important, it can impact a child’s self-esteem forever.

But there’s no reason a child has to endure this kind of difficulty — Dr. Jones can perform ear surgery to reshape the ears or to move them closer to the head. And now is the perfect time to have the surgery, so your child is fully recovered by the time school rolls around.

What are the problems with the ears?

While not for children alone, ear surgery, clinically known as otoplasty, can change a child’s life. Dr. Jones can reshape overly large or misshapen ears. He can move them closer to the head if they protrude too much. And he can balance ears that aren’t proportional.

What is otoplasty like?

Dr. Jones performs the procedure in his offices, usually under local anesthesia, although general anesthesia may be used in more involved procedures. The procedure can take up to two hours. Incisions are made on the backside of the ear and alterations are made to the ear cartilage to reshape the ear. If the ears are protruding, Dr. Jones simply removes some cartilage on the back of the ears and brings them closer to the head.


After otoplasty, patients wear a protective splint for two to three days and a headband for three weeks to allow the ears to heal. There will be pain and some swelling for the first two days, but that should pass. This isn’t an area that swells a great deal. Normal activities can begin in around one week.

If your child has protruding or “attention grabbing” ears, now is the time to address them. Call us at 405.418.5400 and set up a consultation with Dr. Jones.

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